Successful social entrepreneur Wil Massara has had the privilege of speaking across the globe, sharing his knowledge to inspire audiences to take action and get better results in their lives and businesses.

Wil's lessons since starting his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 11, have provided those who witness him speaking with a new, fresh perspective on business and mindset.

Having presented to over 30,000 people worldwide, Wil's master storytelling abilities and business skillset leaves teenagers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and all those who cross his path empowered and equipped to act on their inspiration and businesses.


In today’s world where there are infinite possibilities to learn, develop and grow as human beings - Wil takes his audience on a journey of discovery and realisation that age is absolutely no barrier to achieving success in life, business, career, school, health or any aspect of life. From beginning his first business at 11 to becoming a keynote speaker on an international level at 15 to building a 6 figure market-leading company by 18 - Wil clearly demonstrates that age is irrelevant - young or old


Gaining Insight from a Young Person's Perspective: In this keynote, Wil provides educators and businesses with valuable insights into the perspectives and experiences of young people. He can share personal stories and anecdotes, offering a unique lens through which the audience can better understand and connect with young people. Wil can provide practical strategies for engaging and empowering young individuals, fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment that values and incorporates their ideas and contributions.


Wil speaks about his journey of transitioning his organisation into a social enterprise and the importance of aligning business goals with social impact. He can share insights on how businesses can create positive change while maintaining profitability.


In this dynamic keynote, Wil shares insights and strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of work and the world. Attendees will learn the importance of adaptability, innovation, and leveraging technology to thrive in the future. Wil's engaging presentation inspires individuals to embrace change, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable success in a rapidly changing world.


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